Nicola Donohoe, Sheffield

Sarah has treated my dogs and horses over the past 5 years for spinal injuries and complex arthritic conditions (including immune meditated arthritis, which is very rare).  She is friendly and quiet with the animals, so they instantly trust her, even when they are in pain.   Sarah’s laser treatment alongside physio is an additional benefit to both dogs and horses and definitely helps with their pain management.  She is an excellent physio and came highly recommended by my referral vets for the management of spinal injuries, knowing that Sarah is an Association of Chartered Physiotherapists in Animal Therapy member give me additional reassurance when I first took my dog to her.   As an owner, Sarah has provided me with huge amounts of support and help in managing the life long conditions my animals have and she works closely with both my local and referral vets.  I can’t recommend her highly enough and my animals love their treatment sessions.

Don Parry, S. Yorks

Archie, 7 years old, Black Labrador, Working Pet.

Archie has probably always had some front leg problems. These have got worse over the years and now his front elbows are very arthritic. About six months ago during a bad period with Archie’s legs my vet recommended Physiotherapy —In particular Sarah Edge.

Weekly sessions of Sarah’s healing hands and a few daily home exercises prescribed by Sarah have vastly improved the quality of Archie’s life. When shooting last season Archie has been my companion and he has enjoyed a managed amount of work — something I did not think he would be able to do again.


Eileen and Michelle Ainsworth, Rotherham

We own between us 11 dogs, all of whom are relatively fit and healthy and all work doing agility, flyball, obedience and on shoots.

Chase (Australian Kelpie) had suffered an injury to her back due to falling from a dog walk on more than one occassion, which flared up again after her pups were born so we decided to take her for some treatment.

Sarah assessed Chase and quickly gained her trust (she is very much a one woman dog and will not usually do anything if anyone other than I ask), getting her to relax enough so that she could begin treatment.

Within the first week we noticed a marked difference in how Chase moved and held herself. Prior to physio, she would jump (26”) hunched over, almost bunny hop, now, she was beginning to properly stretch out and jump as she had been doing prior to becoming injured. When Chase went for her second visit, I booked Daisy in. For an eleven year old dog, Daisy is still very agile and still competes (and wins) at agility and flyball. We noticed a few years ago now that Daisy was often very stiff on her back right leg, vets diagnosed arthritis and prescribed her Metacam. Daisy has always been very highly strung and nervous so I honestly expected to have to fight with her to get her into a position where Sarah could treat her, but to my amazement, Sarah calmed her instantly and began her treatment.

Again, I had a set of exercises to do for Daisy which I made notes on and began. I have always massaged all of my dogs anyway as I know they enjoy it, it certainly relaxes Daisy but I quickly learnt that if I did as Sarah instructed then I got the benefit instantly as Daisy was not sore and hobbling first thing every morning and able to rule the roost with regard to playtime once more.

Sarah is a very dedicated lady, and treats both of our animals as though they are the most precious things in creation (to us, they are!!!!) and is well worth the money. Her advice has made a difference to all of our dogs, not just the two she has treated (we now know how to properly “stretch” them all prior to working).

We do love our dogs, but it takes a lot for us to part with cash “willy nilly” – and for us to do that speaks volumes as to her skill. She is a very nice lady, patiently explaining why she does everything that she does to your animals and showing you so you do not do anything untoward whilst you are treating in your home. She even took the time to reply to emails I sent in between treatments.

Lastly she signed both animals off her treatment after only a fairly short time, citing that we could maintain the improvements following her instructions at home. If she were unscrupulous in any way, surely she would have us back week in week out!!!!! Eileen and Michelle Ainsworth Rotherham

Simon Pollard, BSc(Hons), BVM&S, Certificate in Equine Surgery (Orthopaedics), MRCVS. Wilmslow

I thoroughly recommend Sarah as a Chartered ACPAT Physiotherapist for her expertise, her results and her straightforward and honest approach. Sarah also used to work as a part-time senior physiotherapist in the NHS with a thorough understanding of the complex issues of humans. This enables her both to keep up to date with the latest advances in comparative physiotherapy and also to give her time to pursue her true passion as a category A member of the Association of Chartered ACPAT Physiotherapist in Animal Therapy. She has great experience with both elite equine athletes, pleasure horses and happy hackers – it should not be forgotten that older horses and ponies will benefit from routine physiotherapy. Sarah’s communication with veterinary professionals is excellent and she is happy to work closely with her clients’ vets. My clients are always impressed by her techniques and results. Many then choose to have routine visits to maintain their horses’ performance. Sarah is always my first choice for rehabilitation of my equine patients after veterinary diagnosis and treatment of injuries.

Brian and Lynne Clark, Clowne, Derbyshire

We met Sarah in March and she has treated our dog Missy since then. She has spent a lot of time explaining what she does and why and even shown us how to do all the exercises with Missy ourselves. Missy is virtually back to normal, she loves seeing Sarah. We can’t thank her enough and we have made a very good friend

Amanda Emson, Chesterfield

I came to see Sarah after my dog Toby suffered a Fibrocartilagenous Embolism. The work Sarah has put in over the past five months has been second to none. Toby has improved tremendously thanks to Sarah’s dedication and patience. Toby didn’t always make life easy for her the more mobile he became! I am so grateful to Sarah for helping me get my cheeky chappy back to his old self.