Nicola Donohoe, Sheffield

Sarah has treated my dogs and horses over the past 5 years for spinal injuries and complex arthritic conditions (including immune meditated arthritis, which is very rare).  She is friendly and quiet with the animals, so they instantly trust her, even when they are in pain.   Sarah’s laser treatment alongside physio is an additional benefit to both dogs and horses and definitely helps with their pain management.  She is an excellent physio and came highly recommended by my referral vets for the management of spinal injuries, knowing that Sarah is an Association of Chartered Physiotherapists in Animal Therapy member give me additional reassurance when I first took my dog to her.   As an owner, Sarah has provided me with huge amounts of support and help in managing the life long conditions my animals have and she works closely with both my local and referral vets.  I can’t recommend her highly enough and my animals love their treatment sessions.